Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blow me One Last Kiss: Favorite Lipsticks

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My definition of Summer 2014 would be endless hours of review classes in the morning and even longer hours of studying late at night (if I do not fall asleep due to physical and mental exhaustion, that is!) I am not complaining though, because I know that all of these sacrifices will lead to a better future (AKA getting my professional license!) I am very much aware that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or something to that effect) so I temporarily broke up with Saunders, Kozier, and company to go on a quest for my Top 5 favorite (drug store) lip colors!

Biscuit Barrel (BYS) – P240

I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick, and Biscuit Barrel from BYS is a close winner! Although there could be some improvements in consistency, the color is on point. Add some clear gloss and you have got yourself a shade perfect for everyday!

Fetish Pink (Nichido) – P198

Summer is all about being bold, bright and beautiful! When wearing hot pink, always remember that less is more. Give your bronzer and eye shadows a rest and (just) wear neon lips instead. It took about three coats of Fetish Pink from Nichido to get the shade on my photo above but end result was worth the extra strokes (and tissue dabs, of course!)

True Red (L.A. Girl) – P256.50

Some say you should apply lip liner before the lipstick, some say do it the other way around. Whichever technique you’re more comfortable with though, there is no denying how lip liners make your lips stay colored longer, look fuller and more defined. True Red from L.A. Girl, albeit a bit on the dry side, does the job.

Crimson Joy (BYS) – P200

As much as I love my Nude lipsticks, my heart will always go to the reds. It is probably the shade I use the most, and I am forever on the look out for my next favorite one. Crimson Joy from BYS glides on smoothly keeps lips supple most of the day. It smudges fairly easy though, but who cares! The color is amazing!

Shameless Desinvoltè (Revlon) – P575

I do not have a lot of purple lipsticks because I am very picky when it comes to the shade, but the moment I saw Shameless Desinvoltè from Revlon, I knew I just had to have it. It is the kind of purple that screams villain but not quite. Can I deliver my evil laugh now?

These products are available at all Watsons branches nationwide.

Photos by Chelsea Ajose. Assisted by Tommy Ajose. Graphics from Polyvore.

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Friday, 18 April 2014

DTC GT6S Review


One question I get the most is how I am able to juggle school, work, and the blog (among other things) and still have time for other stuff AKA living and breathing. Aside from the very cliche “if you love doing something you’ll always find the time for it”, I get a huge helping hand from my gadgets, most especially my phone.

I was born a multi-tasker, and being a slasher, I am always on the lookout for gadgets that could keep up with me. I don’t get anxious often, but when I do, it’s usually the small things like not having access to the internet when I needed to (AKA most of the time) and not being able to access my multiple social media accounts. If you knew me personally, you would know that I have my phone on hand almost all of the time, and this GT6S phone from DTC mobile came in at the perfect moment when my almost one year old Apple device started malfunctioning.

Now, I am by no means a tech expert and won’t pretend to, but I have brother who is, and I asked him to help me out with this review.


The GT6S Speed Plus came in this sturdy box (which is good) but one I found very hard to pry open. The package included a 1800mAh battery, a charger with a data cable, a screen protector, earphones, and a user manual. It retails for P3990 and comes in black and white (although when I got the unit, only the black one was available)



The large 4 inch 240dpi screen running at 848x480 resolution is pretty great for reading books, viewing messages and browsing photos. It has a very clear display at both extremes of brightness settings, and has virtually zero glare. Colors are vivid and has good contrast. Also, you won’t see pixels and edges most of the time unless you are looking at actual photos of plain pixels and low resolution images themselves. You can see what is on the screen even if the screen is almost completely facing sideways from you.

Controls and Ergonomics

Touch Screen is responsive to a series of touches. Touching with more than three or four fingers won’t make the phone go wild, unlike some Android Phones and Tablets priced similarly. Flat Form Factor is great for those with relatively large hands/long fingers (such as myself), although the volume rocker and buttons are a bit hard to reach (and find)


System Performance

The phone, running on Android 4.2.2 (one of the earlier versions under the codename “Jelly Bean”) boots up in 20 seconds and turns off in eight. It has adequate processing power for general usage - texting, calling, browsing the internet and playing games. Most apps run smoothly but expect some lag on computational heavy ones. But then again, you can’t really expect it to since this isn’t really a heavy duty phone. The battery can last a day or two if all you use it for is social contact and the occasional web browsing. If you’re planning to play games or watch movies, be sure to have a spare battery or a powerbank ready.


Screenshots of some of my favorite applications (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)



Sleek and simple, and definitely not cheap looking. The plastic backing scratches very easy though, so be sure to invest in a protective case.



The unit has two cameras. The 5MP rear is very dependent on lighting. Best  results would come if you use it outdoors. Also, you cannot use it to take photos of small to medium sized texts, specially if you have shaky hands. The front facing 1.3MP camera is great for web calls. I can’t say the same about using it for #selfies, though!


Front camera


Sample photos taken around the house







Sound is great and the speakers have minimal distortion max volume. The earphones (which look very similar to the previous generation Apple earphones) came with an inline mic and a single remote control Play/Pause button. My brother wanted me to point this out because he found it very useful especially in situations where one doesn’t want to take out one’s phone just to stop playback (train rider’s rejoice!) Also, the earphones don’t have markings indicating which one is left or right! (You could find out which one is Left by having the connector away from you and the remote facing up) It would have been nice if they at least printed a dot or stuck a sticker to show which one is which. #OCproblems

The verdict

With a retail price of P3990, you shouldn’t expect to get the latest and the greatest tech. What you do get however is the best tech from around a couple years ago presented in a stylish fashion minus the bugs and instabilities from before.

If you’re on a limited budget and don’t care much for brands, then this phone is for you! On that note, I’m giving away one unit to one lucky reader! Keep checking back to see how you could win yourself a new phone! 

For the meantime, check out DTC Mobile PH for updates. For more information, Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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