Friday, 22 August 2014

Shrimp Shack


Earlier today I was invited along with a slew of food bloggers (although I never claimed myself to be one, since I blog about almost everything. Haha!) at the Shrimp Shack, in Market!Market! Sea food has always been one of my favorite things to eat, and shrimps are one of my favorites, so imagine how excited I got for this!



Tomato-Cheese Fondue (P145) 4/5 - I came in late, so I wasn’t able to taste the Shrimp Popcorn (it was basically plain popcorn with breaded shrimp) which was okay because this Tomato-Cheese Fondue made up for the untasted appetizer. I loved how you could taste the tomato with every bite, and how it doesn’t get overpowered with the cheese. It’s great also how it still tastes good cold, although of course not as much if it were still hot.


Hawaiian Chicken Salad with Water Chestnuts (P145) 2/5 - I normally like salads, but this one was just a tad too gingery for me. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to taste like, but personally, this is something I wouldn’t order. It doesn’t help also how I hadn’t tasted any bit of chicken at all.


Shrimp Scampi Spaghetti (P220) 4/5 - I’m giving this a four instead of a five only because the shrimp was too soft (almost to crumbling point) and the pasta was a tad bit too greasy, but other than that, it was an amazing dish. I especially loved how I could taste the garlic every single time.


Shrimp Po-Boy Sandwich (P185) 3/5 - There was really nothing spetacular about this dish. I actually only ate the fried shrimp because I found the bread was too hard, but then again, I blame that on the newly adjusted braces.


US Angus Cheese Burger (P265) 3/5 - I’m not the biggest fan of sandwiches so this really did not leave an impression with me. I liked the patty though, although I wished it was seasoned a bit more.


Soy Glazed Chicken Barbeque (P155) - This is probably the cheapest meal on the menu. I wasn’t able to taste this though, but my seat mate, Hana, said it was ‘okay’ I’m not really sure what she meant by that so I’ll just wait for her blog post. Haha! On a related note, how I wished I asked why they served every meal with two cups of rice, two cups which, I assume, add up to approximately 1-1/2 cup. (The servings were really small, to be honest)


US Angus Burger Steak (P255) - Yet another dish I wasn’t able to try. I think it’s safe to assume that the patty on the US Angus Cheese Burger is the same for the Burger Steak, so let’s just imagine it on top of rice topped with a fried sunny side up egg, shall we?


Apple Crisp Ala Mode (P130) 5/5 - Aaah finally, desserts! I’ve always loved apples, and caramel, and vanilla ice cream, so this dessert no doubt gets a perfect score from me (and I sense the same with my table mates!) It’s not too sweet, which is always good as I am not a fan of too sweet foods anyway. I do suggest you eat it immediately as soon as it gets to your table though, unless you want to end up with your dessert sticking to the sizzling plate instead of to your spoon down to your stomach, that is!


Butter Mud Pie (P130) 4.5/5 - Giving it a .5 deduction only so you would think this review credible enough and that I don’t give perfect fives just because it’s a dessert. Kidding aside (haha!) this is the perfect dessert for a hot, humid day. It’s best for sharing also, unless, you know, you love desserts as much as I do! (Which in that case, order one for yourself! You deserve it!)


Chef Agui, who came out a little after we finished with dessert. Thank you for the food, Chef!


Overall, it was a fun day of meeting new people and tasting new food. Check out Shrimp Shack, beside The Old Spaghetti House, Ground Level, Market!Market!

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blow me One Last Kiss: Favorite Lipsticks

Read this article on Beauty Book PH here.

My definition of Summer 2014 would be endless hours of review classes in the morning and even longer hours of studying late at night (if I do not fall asleep due to physical and mental exhaustion, that is!) I am not complaining though, because I know that all of these sacrifices will lead to a better future (AKA getting my professional license!) I am very much aware that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or something to that effect) so I temporarily broke up with Saunders, Kozier, and company to go on a quest for my Top 5 favorite (drug store) lip colors!

Biscuit Barrel (BYS) – P240

I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick, and Biscuit Barrel from BYS is a close winner! Although there could be some improvements in consistency, the color is on point. Add some clear gloss and you have got yourself a shade perfect for everyday!

Fetish Pink (Nichido) – P198

Summer is all about being bold, bright and beautiful! When wearing hot pink, always remember that less is more. Give your bronzer and eye shadows a rest and (just) wear neon lips instead. It took about three coats of Fetish Pink from Nichido to get the shade on my photo above but end result was worth the extra strokes (and tissue dabs, of course!)

True Red (L.A. Girl) – P256.50

Some say you should apply lip liner before the lipstick, some say do it the other way around. Whichever technique you’re more comfortable with though, there is no denying how lip liners make your lips stay colored longer, look fuller and more defined. True Red from L.A. Girl, albeit a bit on the dry side, does the job.

Crimson Joy (BYS) – P200

As much as I love my Nude lipsticks, my heart will always go to the reds. It is probably the shade I use the most, and I am forever on the look out for my next favorite one. Crimson Joy from BYS glides on smoothly keeps lips supple most of the day. It smudges fairly easy though, but who cares! The color is amazing!

Shameless Desinvoltè (Revlon) – P575

I do not have a lot of purple lipsticks because I am very picky when it comes to the shade, but the moment I saw Shameless Desinvoltè from Revlon, I knew I just had to have it. It is the kind of purple that screams villain but not quite. Can I deliver my evil laugh now?

These products are available at all Watsons branches nationwide.

Photos by Chelsea Ajose. Assisted by Tommy Ajose. Graphics from Polyvore.

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