Saturday, 7 July 2012

charleneajose x Everything’s Mine

Everything’s Mine was established with the sole purpose of satisfying every ladies craving for fashion by providing glitzy materials at a very affordable prices. (Source)

Everything’s Mine is the brainchild of real life partners Yhaj Perez and Sarah Santos. It was established last September 25, 2011, and is now fast approaching its 10th month. Everything’s Mine bloomed out of the owners’ love for designing clothes and online shopping. After getting disappointed with the unreasonable pricing in the market, the two decided to set up their own shop, making sure to keep everything affordable yet not sacrificing quality at the same time.

I have a lot of love for Everything’s Mine. I commend how they try their best to provide quality items at dirt cheap prices. Their nail decals sell for 35php/set, and you can avail of their buy 3 for 100php promo too! Their bestselling collection, the Cherlindrea Collection, sell shorts for 395php each. These even had to be re-stocked due to popular demand. I mean, who doesn’t love aztec prints, right? Speaking of aztecs, their aztec printed tops sell for 350php each. I heard they sell like pancakes so you better get yourself one now. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Everything’s Mine also offers three different discounts for their customers! Take your pick!

2 in 1 - Buy two items at the same time to get a 5% discount!

Thrice in a Row - Get a 10% discount on your third purchased item!

Fab Five - Share the fun of shopping with your friends! Buy five items to have 15% discount! Combine your orders with your awesome friends. ;)

Here are some photos of the things they sell!

I loved everything Everything’s Mine sent me (haha so redundant!) so I used them all together in one outfit. You can check out this post for more photos and details on the outfit above. Thank you, Everything’s Mine!

P.S. Because I love my readers, I’ll be hosting another giveaway courtesy of Everything’s Mine! Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow to know how you could win an aztec printed top and nail decals, among other awesome stuff. See you tomorrow! ;)

You can find Everything’s Mine on Facebook, Multiply and on Twitter. They also have a fan page here. Everything’s Mine can be contacted through text by sending a message to 09328567537 or 09158838547 (Look for Sarah)

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Logo and product photos from Everything’s Mine

Photos by: Chelsea Ajose

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

charleneajose x Dolcespressivo Shoppe

DolcespressivoShoppe is the brainchild of two sisters and their dreamy affair with fashion. Flutter inside the closet of myriad florals, laces, prints,  linen, silk, satin, patterns, prints, and all things pretty in pink. Everything whimsical and magical soon to pop! (Source)

Dolcespressvo Shop started out as an outlet for the pre-loved clothes of sisters Elka and Eddielli. At present, they moved into cheap but fashionable unbranded ready-to-wear items, focusing on their target market of “energetic, hip, and young women and the young-at-hearts too!” Their latest collection, the Flag shirts collection, sells a variety of shirts with different flag prints. My first ever flag printed item came from them (top right) and I got hooked. The shirts start at 250php. What I love about Dolcespressivo is that, like me, they are not brand conscious, yet still want the best for their customers. But most of all, I love how environmentally friendly their packaging is. :)

They will be releasing a new collection tomorrow at 9pm so be sure to watch out for that!

Please don’t forget to mark your calendars for 06.27.12 9PM! It’s going to the release of our special and exclusive designs, Western Invasion: The Flag Shorts Collection! Proceed to our page for orders DolcespressivoShoppe Online, album will be released there!

And because I love you guys, we will be giving out a flag shirt plus 300php worth of gift certificates to one lucky reader tomorrow at 10pm. See you there! ;)

You can find Dolcespressivo Shoppe on Facebook and on Twitter. They also have a fan page here. Dolcespressivo Shoppe can be contacted through text by sending a message to 09434904469.

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Logo and product photos from Dolcespressivo Shoppe

Photos by: Chelsea Ajose

(Source: charleneajose)

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