Friday, 23 December 2011

Beeda ang saya!

It may not be obvious, but I’m actually very immature and still consider myself a kid at heart. I’m just the quieter kind (if there’s such a thing) And come to think of it, I never really was the loud type. Anyway, yesterday I once again revisited my youth (Naks. May ganun!) I went to the 7th birthday party of a cousin of mine at (you guessed it) Jollibee! Nadadalas pagpunta punta ko sa mga kiddie parties ha! Haha!

This was what I wore. This outfit (only with different shorts, shoes and accessories) was actually one of the three outfits I prepared for the shoot I had with Edric Chen two days ago. I’m really loving envelope clutches right now. Thank you ALT Manila for this! It’s F and F - functional and fashyown. Inside I had my wallet, lipsticks, comb, powder and an iPad. Oh diba? They also sent me one in red. Love! They sell for only 600 each! Go get yourself one now. I heard they’re selling like pancakes! Also, I am loving December because I can finally wear knits and thick clothing again! What is comfy? <3

Khendie and me. Her real name is Francesca. Haha!

Uhm. K.

Fact: I don’t think I ever had a photo with Jollibee before. But I will consult my childhood photos after this to check. Anyway, I begged (or rather; forced, whichever term is more appropriate haha) my sister to take my photo with Jollibee. She thought I was being silly again! Anyway, can I just say? Ang bigat ng kamay mo, Jolibee! Ayoko na sayo. :( Haha!

Tommy with Jollibee. Pwede ring vice-versa. Joke lang Tommy! Haha!

With my Lolas

And to end this post, look what I got from the party! Well, okay, more like stole. Haha! This was from Tommy’s loot bag. If you cannot see, it’s actually a panda (although it doesn’t really look like one) And you all know how much I love pandas. So there! I love attending kiddie parties now. I always get a panda somehow. Hee! :3

On an unrelated note, today I ate a whole tub of cookies and cream ice cream (the 430mL one, to be exact) I finished it within 43 minutes. Oh well. Tis’ the season to be fatty, right? :D

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tumblr Games - Put a number in my ask

Please refer to this post for the number options. Message me a number and I’ll update this post. Infairness, namiss ko to! Haha!

Here we go:

Hi Cha! 28. :D

28. Who’s annoying?

I’m annoyed at myself right now because I cannot decide what outfits to wear for my shoot tomorrow D: /pressured

5, 11, 15, 20 :)

5. Relationship status?

Not available. :)

11. Confession?

Sometimes, I wear my favorite shoes to bed.

15. Someone who is always there for me?

My parents.

20. Who makes me smile?

You! And all my wonderful followers/readers/stalkers. Haha! :D

4-5-22-26 :D

4. How tall am I?

5 feet, 7 inches

5. Relationship status?

Not available. :)

22. Turn-ons?

Top of my head:

  • Good grammar
  • Smells good
  • Great sense of humor
  • Rugged
  • Nice eyes
  • Nice smile
  • Big guys
  • Bookworm
  • Loves kids
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Loves to eat
  • Spontaneous
  • Nice arms
  • Knows respect
  • Loves his family
  • Good family
  • Loves God

26. Second confess?

I sometimes find myself wasting the whole day with browsing shoes online. HAHA!


24. Best friends?

Him and her :)

1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 21, 26 and 27. :)

1. Full name?

Charlene Cagampan Ajose

2. Current crush?

Ryan Reynolds! Haha!

3. Addiction?


9. Current mood?


10. Favorite color?

The colors that catch my eye right now are teals, hot pinks and turquoise colored stuff. I don’t have a favorite color, actually. Instead, I have favorite color combinations.

11. Confession?

I’m pretty good at stalking.

21. What am I listening to?

Anything on Hits HD AKA my current favorite online radio station.

26. Second confess?

I’m very comfortable in my own skin.

27. What I hate?

I hate being taken for granted.


11. Confession?

I once copied all the answers of this certain person on formspring and saved it on notepad. Don’t ask why. Haha!

20! :3

20. Who makes me smile?

Top of my head

  • Random e-mails/messages on facebook/tweets/TAs I get from people telling me how much I inspire them
  • Seeing visitors from my friendster-layouts author page visiting my blog
  • Getting TAs from people who knew me since friendster/multiply days
  • Random texts from that person
  • Knowing that there are people who actually read my posts

See also: This and this.

11 :)

teesh-oh asked you:

11. Confession?

My last relationship lasted for 2 years and 5 months. It was my first.

23. Turn Offs? :D

23. Turn Offs?

Top of my head:

Someone who

  • has bad grammar (I have nothing against people who do, by the way. I admit I don’t have perfect grammar as well, I just don’t find bad grammar attractive. Sorry I felt the need to defend what I said. Haha!)
  • is impatient
  • is insensitive
  • is disrespectful
  • does not know how to prioritize
  • smokes
  • is a ~*playuuuh*~
  • is a liar
  • is a chronic cheater
  • takes people for granted

12 and 18 :)

12. Who I miss?

My high school friends, college buddies and DLG.

18. Who makes me laugh the most?

My friends! I’m in my loudest state when I’m with them :)

    Keep them coming :)

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