Friday, 20 July 2012

My mind at night > My mind in the morning

It always baffles me how much more effective I am during the night than during the day. If you know me well, you should know that I don’t function well in the morning. This covers the way I review my notes and reading materials for school, writing down a blog post and of course, making layouts. (It’s currently 2:27am right now. Haha!) So anyway, here’s a quick post to show you guys what I’ve been working on recently! I’ve been neglecting my layout maker side these past few weeks due to school works and other agendas and I am not lying when I say I really miss it. Making layouts isn’t only an outlet for my creativity (and source of income LOL!) but also a way for me to de-stress. As I always say, I am and will always be first a layout maker. :)

I make layouts! Please view this link for my portfolio. Send an e-mail to if you’re interested in knowing my rates.

And now comes the time when I have to think of a clever way to end this post because it’s time for me to hit the sack! I have this love hate relationship with PM duty but I’m really thankful that I can stay up late and still get a full eight hours of sleep (which I seldom get now. Ah the life of a nursing student!) Thank you so much for reading and have a good night! :)

P.S. Happy Birthday to my Papa! I know you read my blog (hehe) I love you! <3

What do you think of this post? Comments are highly appreciated. :)

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Hello there! In my last post, I said that I would be blogging about our trip to Batangas if I didn’t pass out. Well I did so here I am making up for yesterday’s supposed to be post! Haha! Anyway, let me take you through what happened yesterday with photos! :)

Someone from my Mama’s side of the family died. I wasn’t really supposed to go because 1. I had AM duty the next day, 2. I still haven’t recovered from the week before (PM duty and Midterms week. How I survived I do not know) and 3. because no matter how hard I try I couldn’t set my body clock back on track and ended up reading a book until I fell asleep. So anyway, the following morning my Papa went in my room to make sure I wasn’t coming with them. For some unfathomable reason I went up, showered and dressed while all the while acting (and looking) like a zombie. Sobrang antok and sabaw ko lang! I was the last one to get ready and they were in a hurry to leave, so I didn’t have the time to put make up on (let alone brush my hair!) Haha!

Fact: I can survive without brushing my hair. I can survive without putting make up on. But I cannot, I repeat, cannot survive a long road trip without bringing any food with me. I do not know how I managed to make coffee and stuff tikoy in ziplock bags in less than a minute, but you know, food does that to you. Haha! Also, I just have to say this. I love Tikoy! It was Chinese New Year yesterday so the house was full of it. I wish I could eat Tikoy all year round! :)

Another fact: I love reading books so much that I read books during the times when I’m supposed to be catching up on sleep. I’m currently rereading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I have been rereading a lot of books recently. I’ve had these books since I cannot remember when. I think I had them when I was 15 or so. I reread books because I want a newer perspective, now that I am older. I don’t know if I’m making sense right now, but yeah. Haha! :)

So anyway, here are more photos!

Hello, Batangas!

Big Bulalo pots. I love Bulalo! It’s one of my all time favorite ulam!

When I ran out of food and when my eyes started sending "Cha stop reading we beg you!" messages to my brain, I started taking photos of the fields and the sky. This is another random thing I always do during road trips. I do not know why. I’m so weird haha!

I know this post is so full of “facts” but here’s another one: I haven’t seen the ocean in three or so years (if I remember correctly, that is) The place we went to wasn’t really one of those sandy beaches but I couldn’t help but get excited on seeing the ocean once again. My sibs and I would scream “beach!” in very annoying high pitched voices every time we see a glimpse of ocean water behind the trees and houses. Haha! First time in a long time eh. Pagbigyan! :P

Tommy and Andrei.

This was me screaming (though I doubt you can see it in the photo) when I almost got wet by the water. Please do not think I’m maarte or something. I’m really actually a cowgirl at heart and I’m game for anything. It’s just that I wore the first things I saw in my closet that day (Obvious naman diba? Tingnan niyo naman suot ko. Haha!) and I didn’t even think of bringing slippers so getting wet feet wasn’t an option. Haha! :P

By the way, please excuse the quality of the photos. I still do not have my camera with me. I only used mobile phones for these. (Hire me! I’m raising money to get my camera fixed!) :D

Dear readers, meet zombie Cha. Anyway, this was what I wore. Just got out of bed ang peg! Also, very appropriate ang outfit ko diba! Charot!

Took a photo in the street! I’ve always wanted to do this! Wala kasing masyadong dumadaan. Probinsyang probinsya! :D

Then it was time to go home. I had nothing else to do (again) so I’ll leave you with photos of the sky and sunset.

I’ll be going to sleep now! I still need to wake up early tomorrow (AM duty) I hope everyone had a great day! Good night guys! :D

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