Saturday, 15 September 2012

091512 + Answers to Anonymous Tumblr Ask Questions

Hello! How are you? I hope you’re doing well. Anyway, earlier today, I achieved another personal milestone - that is, being able to do my own makeup, PROPERLY. I was never really the girl who wears a lot of make up (that only happens when I absolutely have to, like during events or photo shoots) At school we are somewhat required to wear make up (just so we won’t look paler than our patients! Haha!) but even so, the only make up I use daily nowadays is powder and lipstick. (I say daily because I used to do my eyebrows as well, but lately I don’t anymore.) Random fact: If I could only bring one make up product with me for the rest of my life, it would be lipstick (preferably one in pink or red) Alam mo yun? Kahit bagong gising ang peg mo, maglagay ka lang ng red lipstick, good to go na! Haha!

I was supposed to take outfit shots today, but the weather wouldn’t let me. So to not waste my efforts (chos!) here are some webcam photos! Sorry pambahay clothes. LOL.

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

Make up products courtesy of Mixologist Beauty. View my other posts on Mixologist Beauty here.

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

I do not know how to wink! Haha! :( :)

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

And since I have nothing else to post today, let me answer some anonymous messages! If you still do not know, I only publish messages sent anonymously because I always answer directly to the sender’s ask box (if they are enabled, that is) If you’re interested, you can view the rest of entries like this here. Anyhoo, let’s start. All questions were asked anonymously.

1. ate cha, do you heat curls your hair? it seems wavy, bagay sayo :)

Hello! No. I usually use two bun makers (I leave them on for a while. Sometimes I even sleep with them on) And thank you! I like it when my hair is wavy too! :)

2. Ate Charlene :) How did you make your “home”, “about charlene”, “FAQ” etc. Tapos ilalagay sa taas? please please answer. Thank you

Hi! I made them using ‘Tumblr Pages’ You can find it by going to Customize>Look for ‘Pages’ (Under appearance)>Click ‘Add a page’>Type in your Page URL, Title and description, then mark the box that says ‘Show a link to this page’>Click ‘Creat page’ and you’re done! Good luck! :)

3. charlene hi … i so love ur tumblr im d one who always like to see f ur updated blogging, making layouts etc .. really since friendster days … coz i love ur layouts and now … there you are .. a fashion model wow!! but anyway i rili want to know f u r making some money even u r in house in such easiest way ? can u tell us some tips or sites on how could we make more money infront of the computer .. tnx a lot … anonymous …

Hello! First of all, thank you so much for always taking the time to visit my blog! I always say this but I never fail to get kilig everytime I encounter someone who knew me before Tumblr. As for your question, yes. I make money, and within the comforts of my own…room? Haha! Mostly, I get it from making layouts, but other sources would be from my modelling, selling stuff online (Paperdoll Shoppe!) and blog ads. I started looking for ways to earn money because I never ask my parents for money not related to school (it’s a personal choice, by the way. I do not think doing otherwise is wrong or anything!) thus my online money making ventures started. As for your query, I suggest you dig deep into yourself and determine what you are able to do. Maybe you could start selling stuff you no longer use or do online tutorials if you’re into teaching. Whatever it is you’re going to do, however, just make sure it’s legal, safe and won’t do any harm to yourself or to others. Have fun and good luck! :)

4. Just wanted to say that I love your outfit posts and you’re my inspiration when it comes to fashion. Keep it up, girl! - A fan from California. :) xo

Aww. Hello sweetie! I always get so happy everytime I hear someone say that I am their inspiration. And all the way from California none the less! Thank you! <3

5. Hello Charlene. I just want to suggest (if its possible) to make the instructions of the giveaway with other options like you can either share them in FB, or just tweet or reblog just like before. I often join your giveaways and that’s one thing that I like about the instructions before (just a suggestion :). Though sharing in FB is easy, having other choices can be good as well. And oh, I hope not everything is mandatory. Either way, I will still be a loyal reader. Take care. :)

Hello! First of all, apologies! This has been stuck on my ask box for a long time already. Thank you so much for the suggestion and for always joining my giveaways! However, I should let you know (and this goes for the rest of you guys as well!) that my giveaway mechanics aren’t solely decided by me, but also by the shop owners who sponsored the giveaway. If it were only up to me, I would just ask for you to leave a comment with your name and e-mail address, and that’s it! As for the ‘mandatory’ part, I try my best to minimize the effort as much as possible. I don’t even ask for you guys to follow my blog (Tumblr) anymore, because I realized that not all my readers have Tumblr accounts. That is why most of my mechanics comprises of Twitter follows and Facebook likes/shares. But then again, I know where you’re coming from (please know that I am not angry! Haha!) but please also understand that these things go through certain processes. Thank you for your question, and for always being a loyal reader! <3

6. How did you make your photos in high-res? I mean what are the codes? thanks :D

Hello! Firstly, I installed a theme that supports high-resolution images (I am currently using the Coral in the Sea theme by Monique Tendecia) I the upload my photosusing an external image hosting site (Example would be Photobucket, but it’s down right now so I used for this post), copy the direct link URLS and place it on my blog post using the ‘Insert/Edit image’ option (The tiny tree icon) I hope this helps! :)

7. How much charge for Wordpress blogs? & just banner sis?

Hi! Please send an e-mail to and I’ll reply with my rates! Thank you! :)

Charlene Ajose webcam photos

And to end this post, here’s me imitating my pet dog (Benjie’s) eyes! I have to go and review for my Fluids and Electrolytes finals now! Wish me luck! Thank you so much for reading and have a good night! :)

What do you think of this post? Comments will always be appreciated! :)

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hello! I’m still alive!

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that I am still alive and kicking! I’m sorry for the mini hiatus (spell instagram live feed hehe!) School has (as usual) kept me busy. It’s only been the first week of classes but look at what it has done to me. Hindi lang halata dahil sa red lipstick (haha) but I am really stressed out. Not to mention the fact that I was appointed head of our SNA Pageant Committee (a futile but effective strategy to not be forced on joining the pageant myself - reasons I’ll probably place on a separate post) and that tomorrow we will see the first fruits of our (mine, Dasha’s and Krizia’s) hardship (Taray!) because tomorrow the candidates will be screened. So, wish me luck and sprinkle me with fairy dust, because I’m pretty sure I would be needing it!

Anyway, since I have nothing relevant to post today, let me answer two recent questions from my Ask box. Both were asked anonymously.

1. Hi Charlene! Ever thought of joining Bb. Pilipinas? You are a perfect candidate! :)

Hello. First of all, thank you so much for thinking so. You are to sweet! I always get flattered every time someone says this to me (because, dear Anon, you are not the first) I don’t know whether to agree or disagree with you though. I know all my strengths, but I also know my weaknesses. And right now, I don’t think I’m ready (or will ever be, for that matter) to join any beauty pageant. But who knows, this might change in the future. No one really knows for certain, right? :)

2. Also, do you highly recommend of getting an iPhone other than Android phones? :) Since you’re a Mac user, is Mac really that good or it’s not really worth the price you pay? :)

I am not an Android user and I’ve only handled some briefly (e.g. my sibling’s phones) so I’m not really sure if I’m at a position to answer this question. Also, I don’t use Mac (although sometimes I wished I do) Haha! :)

P.S. Do you like my top? It’s from Everything’s Mine (Thank you!) I’ll be posting something on that soon so watch out for it!

That is all. I have an exam tomorrow and the blogger slash fashionista slash layout maker slash nursing student shall go back to stu-dying now. Thanks for reading and have a good night! :D

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