Friday, 17 August 2012

Mr. and Ms. SNA 2012 x Style Trend (Trinity University of Asia - St. Luke’s College of Nursing Photo shoot)

Hello everyone! As most of you already know, I, together with Dasha, were assigned to be the pageant committee heads for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. SNA Pageant in our college. In line with that, we had a photo shoot last July 22, 2012. A fast fact. This would be mine (and Dasha’s) first styling gig, so let us know how we did in the comment box below! It was fun to attend a shoot and not be the model for once also. Styling may as well be one of the harder tasks during a photo shoot, but I had fun nonetheless!

Anyway, below are the individual shots for the first set. The theme is color blocking. I’ll be uploading the second set soon, so watch out for that! In the mean time, I’ll be indicating where the items are from in case you’re interested in getting them. All clothing courtesy of Style Trend. :)

On Katrina: Dress - Style Trend | Earrings - Peacock and Stripes (Stylist’s own) | Necklace - stylist’s own

On Anikka: Dress - Style Trend | Accessories - Model’s own

On Gel: Top and shorts - Style Trend | Necklace - Claire Voix (Stylist’s own) | Shoes - Model’s own

On Sarah: Dress used as top and skirt - Style Trend | Red necklace - Paperdoll Shoppe (Stylist’s own) | Shoes - Stylist’s own

On Verane: Top and white top used as skirt - Style Trend | Purple tassel necklace - Bubbles (Stylist’s own) | Shoes - Model’s own

On Elea: Ruffle top and yellow top used as skirt - Style Trend | Tassel necklace - Kulay-cessories (Stylist’s own) | Shoes - Model’s own

Photography by: Trix Dela Cruz

Clothes courtesy of: Style Trend

Styling by: Charlene Ajose and Dasha Corpuz

Hair and make up: Koala Cabardo, Wilma Esturco, Elaine Silva and Marvin Nabong

Production: Krizia Catapang

So, I have to go to sleep now. I have to wake up in 6 hours because I have AM duty. Thank you so much for dropping by and have a good night! :)

What do you think of this post? Comments are always appreciated! :)

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