Friday, 6 July 2012

052612 - A photo diary

Let me take you through what happened last May 26, 2012 in photos and captions! :)

First we went to Basilica San Martin de Tours in Taal, Batangas. It is considered the largest church in the Philippines.

Narrow stairway leading to the bell tower. The biggest church holds the title of having the largest bell in the country as well!

Photos taken after I toured the around the whole of the church. It was very stuffy inside so please forgive the haggardo versoza look! Haha!

Had Bulalo for lunch with the Taal Volcano in view. Bulalo is one of my favorite dishes, by the way!

Passed by Fantasy World while en route to Tagaytay! I’m hoping to get to visit this place soon! :)

Stopped by the Shrine of Monte Maria for some quiet time with the Lord. Thank you God. Kahit kailan hindi mo talaga ako pinabayaan. :)

Then I took outfit shots after! View more details and photos of what I wore for that day here.

Last stop was at Picnic Grove. Rode the zipline with my brother because I was scared at first and didn’t know what to expect, but afterwards I felt ridiculous because it wasn’t that scary at all. Haha!

Buko shake instantly got included in my list of favorite drinks. I think I had five bottles of these things! Haha!

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If it was meant for you to hold dear and true, someday it will come back to you.

Good morning! If you have been following me on Twitter, you would know that I left some things that are very dear to me (hint: shoes and clothes) at the bus yesterday. I brought stuff because I was supposed to have a shoot that morning (Tuesday) with Krizia after our classes. Anyway, I really cannot understand why I zone out sometimes, but I’d like to believe it’s because I tend to over think things too much. I only remembered I forgot something when I was at school already, and upon that realization I started typing furiously with my phone sending messages to my Mama, Krizia and everyone who I knew could help to ask for the bus company’s contact number. Alas, they found none. So I forced myself to forget about the incident because 1. I was at school and what happens outside school stays out of school and 2. was because I won’t be able to concentrate on the lectures (you all know how much I love shoes /cue heart breaking in two)

Also, school was uneventful yesterday, fortunately or unfortunately. We had a group activity during our Nutrition class, and I spent most of my time shivering all throughout the period. Is my hypothalamus impaired or something? haha! That or I just have a very low cold tolerance! (Fact!) So anyway, after Nutrition class we had a meeting for our upcoming *dundundun* Grand Case Presentations which will be happening sometime in October. Scary sheep! I hope we (Group 1 and 2 of our section) would deliver well! Wish us luck :)

Finally, it was time to go home. I immediately said goodbye to my friends because I was itching to get to the bus stop and ask about my package (I was also hoping I would be on the same bus I was on that morning) Even though my hopes were high, my luck meter wasn’t. It was a good thing though that the driver I ran into was nice. I asked him details on what should be done when someone forgets something at the bus, where to claim it, who to talk to, etc. He directed me to the dispatcher, who asked for the bus ticket I got that morning (to get the bus number) and asked for my contact number as well, and said he will contact me when he sees the package. Which now brings me to another realization: If you do not ask, the answer will always be no. So if you’re in a rut and feel really helpless, go and ask! You never know who will be there to help you out! :)

Bagong gising face. haha!

So now let’s move on to what happened this morning. Today I got up at 7:30am to go to the bus company’s main office to check if the driver/bus conductor surrendered my package. Upon arriving at the location, I was greeted by really friendly faces (those of whom I recognize too) Perks of being a regular commuter - the people know you and you know them. They asked me to wait for a while because the guard on duty with the keys to the office wasn’t there yet. So I (together with our house help) waited. During this period they were talking about all the packages that various commuters left behind. I was amazed at the variety - diapers, clothes, envelopes, files and papers. But what was even more amazing was how honest they were. You know that feeling you get when you watch the news and see a taxi driver surrendering a huge amount of money a passenger left in his possession? Well I experienced that feeling first hand. Two thumbs up for the drivers and other staff of German Espiritu Liner! After that my hopes really got pumped up again. When the guard on duty finally came by and held the door open, my head was screaming “I hope it’s there. Please please please” But, luck still wasn’t with me, and I didn’t see my package anywhere. They advised me to go back by 8:30pm because most buses would be back by that time. I said my thank yous and left with a heavy yet still hopeful heart. Our house help suggested we go check out the terminals then, so I thought, “Why not. There’s nothing for me to lose right now” so I agreed. I remembered the face of the driver well (and his conductor) so he told me to point out if ever I see the driver. My hopes got up again (that’s my nature, sorry) but fell down immediately after seeing another driver. We were about to go home then, UNTIL I SPOTTED ANOTHER BUS COMING IN OUR DIRECTION. I looked at the driver, and this time, I was literally screaming! I excitedly  told our house help “Siya yun! Siya yun!" and we chased the bus until it stopped to let passengers down. I ran (hahaha) and waited for all the people to get down before I approached the driver.

Me: Kuya, may naiwan po ba ako kahapon? Sapatos po.

Driver: Ay oo! Nandito tinago namin. Inaantay ka nga namin eh!

Conductor: *Hands my package to me* Nagmamadali ka yata bumaba kahapon, eh!

Me: Haha! Opo. Salamat po! *Huge smile*

Almost lost you! <3

Victory! Luck was definitely on my side that time, and I’m really very thankful! Thank you to our house help, thank you to the driver and conductor, thanks to you for reading this very long post and reaching this point and thank you God! Kahit kailan hindi mo talaga ako pinabayaan. You always make things better in the end! If it was meant for you to hold dear and true, someday it will come back to you. :D

And since we’re talking about that, let me share a quote I posted some months back:

When you love someone, and you love them with all your heart, it will never disappear. When you’re apart and when you’ve done all you can do, you set them free if you have to. And if that love is true, someday it will all come back to you. (Link to post)

I’ll be waiting. :)

P.S. Currently reading “Playing with Fire” by Peter Robinson. I love finding old books lying around the house! Also, does anyone else feel like time passes by faster when you do reading for leisure rather than for school or something else? haha! :P

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