Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Shop Paperdoll Shoppe!

Hello! Most of you do not know this, but aside from being a nursing student slash blogger slash layout maker, I  also manage an online shop on the side too! Paperdoll Shoppe is mostly about my pre-loved clothes, shoes and bags, but today, I will be launching Paperdoll Shoppe’s first ever accessory line! I know all about online shopping and I hate it every time I see overpriced items, so I made sure to make my items affordable for everyone! For this collection, I promise that nothing is over 180php.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites! Are you excited? I know I am! Please like Paperdoll Shoppe on Facebook now. I’m hoping for your full support! The full collection will be released tonight at 8pm. See you later! :)

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Monday, 19 March 2012

charleneajose x RK Manila

We are all about heels, trendy pieces and all that glitters! R&K Manila offers all things that girls love, including the most coveted shoe and bag collections and funky accessories! (Source)

R&K Manila is a fairly new online based shop (only 8 months old to date!) owned and managed by the awesome twosome - sisters Ruby and Kristin. They started their shop on the day of their Mom’s birthday. At present, they offer clients pre-order shoes and bags plus on hand accessories.

Here are just some of my top picks from their albums.

R&K Manila sent me a package of accessories some weeks ago. One of these is this dainty swallow and floral necklace. You can view more photos and details of my outfit here on this post. Anyway, let me now tell you what I love about R&K Manila. First of all, I love how organized their albums are. Unlike other online pre-order shops who place all product selections in one album, R&K segregates them by category. They also think of fun names for each - bootie patootie, jeepers creepers, sweet pastels and wild jungle to name a few. Another thing to love about their shop is their price range! Accessories go from 200php to 400php, bags on the other hand start at 1400php to 1800php while shoes go from 1500php to 2500php. And then of course, we should never forget about good customer service. R&K Manila provides customers answers to almost everything, from shipping rates, payment options and size guides. They also have an album for ‘actual product photos' as well, which I personally think every pre-order shop should have.

R&K Manila also has a sister shop - Kalm Cosmetics, an online based make up shop.

And now, for a surprise! Eying any one (or two, hint hint) of the necklaces above? R&K Manila was nice enough to sponsor another giveaway for you guys! Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow at 10:30pm to find out how!

Edit: Giveaway already posted! Click this to join! :)

You can find R&K Manila on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (Ruby’s and Kristin’s) R&K Manila can be contacted through text by sending a message to 09158547956 or by sending an e-mail to rkmanila@yahoo.com

Do you want to collaborate with my blog? Send me an e-mail! (chrlnajose@yahoo.com) :)

Logo and product photos from RK Manila

Photos by: Chelsea Ajose

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