Friday, 18 March 2011

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So my cousin entered my room and told me to try this. I didn’t because I’m too much of a skeptic when it comes to weird things. hehe. K.

So anyone of you who tried this already? haha.

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  1. herficklemind said: Is that Alateris?
  2. pouffiasse said: Natry ko na yaaaaan! After kumain ng ganyan, lahat ng mga maaasim na fruits pati calamansi at kamis, magiging matamis ang lasa. :) Kaso may after taste effect.
  3. lightsandboulevards said: its delicious :) try it babe! your lucky to be given those fruits.. its spensive
  4. alyannanunag said: miracle fruit? miracle churva??!!! haha:)) try mo cha! amazing kxe:) try that then taste mo kalamansi.:D
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