About Charlene Ajose

A layout maker by profession, a nursing student by mind and a fashionista by heart.

Charlene Ajose is a 19 year old BS nursing student. She started making layouts when she was 14. She loves pigs and pandas. Questions in her formspring make her happy. Butter Oats from Baguio make her cry with joy. Charlene is currently in the quest for the best bubblegum ice cream. Adobe Photoshop is where she runs to when there is no internet connection. She also loves to read books. And by love she means a lot of books. She also has this unexplainable need to have more shoes. Her Project 365 is currently stranded at Day 57. Charlene also loves food. She believes school is fun. She also occasionally reblogs pretty things, especially if it showcases pandas. Charlene owns and manages an online shop, too. She lives in Bulacan but spends most of her time in Manila (school) She is layout author, and considers herself a photography enthusiast. You can also address her as a doodle-r, a mobile theme creator and a theme artist. Her replies never lack a “haha” or a “Take care always and God Bless!” and she doesn’t know why. She only likes certain music because she likes associating them to memories. She will forever love Harry Potter more than any other movie/book series. Tumblr is her new internet home now. She likes making new friends. And oh, you can google her too. :)

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Last updated: April 2011

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